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Word Cards 


Word cards help readers develop their sight vocabulary. Increased exposure to vocabulary words helps the reader to memorize the word. 


  • Find a collection of words that are relevant to the reader (used at work, needed for school, pulled from a story, etc.)
  • Put each word on its own index card 
  • Review word cards regularly
  • Add new words and remove (or mark) words that the reader has memorized 

Note: limit the number of new vocabulary words introduced at one time and avoid introducing words that have similar spellings at the same time. 

See It In Action


Create a word ring. Words are written on small flashcards and put on a ring. Make the cards small enough that the reader can carry them in their pocket. 


Walk, talk, trade is a participatory activity that reinforces students’ familiarity with vocabulary through repetition and interaction.


Reading Horizons At Home Solutions suggests Reverse Listening Cards:

For example, a helper will read the word from the card to the student who will then write the word on a board or a piece of paper, verbalizing each sound as they write.

Once the word is written down correctly, the student will mark, or prove, the word. A true test that the student has grasped the concept is that they should be able to read any of the words or letter sounds they have written.

As a student progresses, they should be able to identify slides, vowels, blends, digraphs, and more.