Learning on Demand - Numeracy

Terri Peters, tlp training

3 0 17 March 2021

Apps and online numeracy course presented by Workplace Education Manitoba. 

"Numeracy @ Work: Using numbers and thinking mathematically to measure and make calculations, to estimate, to work with money, to analyze numerical trends and to create schedules and budgets.

Download Numeracy: The Basics on Apple© App Store and Google© play

All of the materials for Numeracy: The Basics are now downloadable as the first learning module in our FREE app – ES On Demand – designed to support workplace Essential Skills learning anywhere… anytime!

Numeracy: The Basics (self-assessment, video and workbook tutorial series)

This tutorial includes an online numeracy self-assessment (optional), a set of 50 videos explaining essential numeracy topics broken into concept and practice sets, and a downloadable workbook for each set.

Numeracy Self-assessment

The online assessment is for learning. It is made up of 30 math questions that will identify the skills you are strong in and show where you have gaps. The gaps are areas where you will want to go to the videos and workbooks to review and practice.

The assessment is entirely optional."

Retrieved from http://wem.mb.ca/learning-on-demand-numeracy/, January 3, 2018


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