Pan-Canadian PIAAC Results Report (2012)

Odette Lloyd, Community Learning Network

1 0 8 October 2015

This report presents the first results of the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult
Competencies (PIAAC), an initiative of OECD. PIAAC provides internationally comparable measures of three
skills that are essential to processing information: literacy, numeracy, and problem solving in technologyrich
environments (referred to as PS-TRE).
The report provides information about the literacy, numeracy, and PS-TRE skills for the Canadian population
aged 16 to 65. It provides results for Canada as a whole, as well as for all the provinces and territories. In
addition, it looks at the relationships between skills proficiency and a range of socio-demographic
characteristics (e.g., age, gender, level of education) across the entire Canadian population. It also reports
on first results on the literacy, numeracy, and PS-TRE skills of Aboriginal populations, immigrants, and officiallanguage
minority communities.


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