LLS Social

Tuesday, September 25, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Did you know that the Literacy and Learning Symposium Social is one of the premiere networking opportunities at the Symposium?

This year, we are offering a new way for you to make connections and showcase the great things happening at your CALP as part of the Symposium Social!

Poster Presentation Opportunity

Poster presentation clip artThe Symposium planning committee would like to invite CALPs to create poster presentations to be displayed during the social.

Strategically placed where people come to connect and socialize, posters can provide a different kind of learning and networking space that is enjoyed by Symposium delegates.

We think the Literacy and Learning Symposium is a great place to show your skills in aligning excellent programs and projects with vibrant visual presentation! This is a skill worthy of acknowledgement, so the Social will also include the chance for Symposium delegates to view and vote on a "People's Choice Award" for best poster presentation!

Poster Presentation Size & Format

  • The hard copy posters will be displayed on easels, provided by the Symposium planning committee
  • Based on the display space, the maximum size for posters will be 48” w x 36” h (such as a standard trifold poster board) and the minimum size is 20” w x 30” h (standard poster board)
  • Posters must be mounted on sturdy material (such as a poster board or foam core)
  • Photocopying and materials to make the poster will be the presenter's responsibility
  • CALPs may also choose to bring their organization's stand-up banner to display

If you are interested in showcasing your CALP at this year's Symposium, CLICK HERE to download the Poster Presentation Guidelines package.

Ready to submit your Poster Presentation concept? CLICK HERE!