Growing Understanding in the CALP System

Lori StCyr, Community Learning Network

1 3 19 June 2023

As the Metis & Indigenous Liaison, I have had the honour of being in this role for the last six years. I have seen the growth the Community Learning Network and the entire CALP system has accomplished in relation to Metis & Indigenous ways of knowing, being and understanding. I have seen many new allies come forward and see many familiar faces that continue to learn and grow.

Most days, I am amazed at the system we all work in; the community of this system has always felt to me like a forest with each CALP as an ecosystem within it. Each CALP is planting seeds and growing new ways of reaching and supporting adult learners. My heart is especially touched when I hear and see these same CALPs wanting to grow their understanding of Metis, Indigenous and Inuit ways of being. I see you attending the Ask Us Anything’s about Metis & Indigenous Worldview. I see you attending the Engaging with Indigenous Learners offerings and I see you embracing the ways of Indigenous ways of being and knowing.

As National Indigenous Day approaches, I want to thank each of you that has take the time to learn, to seek, to ask and to become an ally to the Indigenous people of your communities. We have a long way to go, but with community-minded people such as yourselves the journey is not so hard. Keep being curious, keep asking those hard or uncomfortable questions, and keep attending Indigenous offerings.

The CALP portal has some very wonderful resources that may interest you. Here are a few to check out:


National Indigenous Day 2020 highlights a broad range of resources, blogs, and websites.

Importance of Providing Safety, Kindness, and Comfort  - speaks of trauma and learning and the importance of providing safety, kindness and comfort.

Reflections from Metis, Indigenous & Inuit CALP Practitioners - Indigenous CALP practitioners share what they feel is important to the CALP system to know about Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Metis Minute(s) with Lori St.Cyr  - short videos related to Indigenous ways of knowing. There are currently 4 videos: What is a Metis Minute, Lank Acknowledgment, Connecting to the land, and Smudge.


Creating Safer Spaces for Indigenous Learning in the CALP Model - adapted from the participant manual for “Creating Safer Spaces: Indigenous Learning in the CALP Model”

 As our knowledge grows, our eyes open, our hearts grieve and grow, and we become stronger because we are walking together. Thank you for walking this journey with me,



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