More Writing Out Loud

More Writing Out Loud

Deborah Morgan, Deborah Morgan Consulting

0 0 31 December 1969

If you loved the approach and activities in Deborah Morgan's first book, 'Writing Out Loud' you will want to dig into 'More Writing Out Loud'!

More Writing Out Loud builds on the success of the Writing Out Loud training that took place from November 2000 to April 2001. Literacy instructors from across the country weigh in on issues like recognizing fears and creating a safe environment. Along with 20 new exercises originating from students in a variety of learning settings, the instructors offer their insights about the challenges and rewards of teaching writing, encouraging the reader to bring these ideas to their own classrooms and meeting rooms.

As literacy workers, we have the challenge of working with new and often reluctant writers. The philosophy behind Writing Out Loud and what you will learn in More Writing Out Loud is not a “right or wrong” approach to teaching writing. It is simply one that has been used extensively and successfully in the field.

See Deborah Morgan's first book, 'Writing Out Loud'


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