Writing Out Loud

Writing Out Loud

Deborah Morgan, Deborah Morgan Consulting

2 1 31 December 1969

Through a collection of fun exercises and insightful chapters, Writing Out Loud makes even the most reluctant writers want to put pen to paper. Each idea and exercise is laid out with easy to follow steps, offering possible adaptations as well as wonderful student writing samples.

This book provides more than a collection of writing exercises; it offers readers an inspiring writing and teaching philosophy. Ideas of respect, cooperation and safety are discussed along with useful advice on how to incorporate these ideas into your own classrooms and writing practice. Writing Out Loud leaves the reader excited about writing.

“We use Writing Out Loud not only for writing, but for personal development, group building, goal setting, reflection and even English as a Second Language! It has been a powerful exciting and rewarding resource for us.”
-Lynn Best, St. John’s, NF
"Writing Out Loud is a delightful handbook which, as stated in the introduction, is 'designed to take you an a bit of a journey'. The writing journey provided by this well laid out book encourages instructors and learners to take some risks with their writing and provides support and reassurance along the way." - Jan Weiten, Literacy Materials Bulletin, Victoria, B.C.
"I borrowed a copy of Writing Out Loud from the Centre for Literacy and now I want my own copy! I loved the very personal, conversational tone of the handbook; I felt that I was listening to you speak. As a writer and adult educator, so much of my work with my students is based on our relationship - one of respect, trust and understanding. I am pleased that Writing Out Loud promotes the same philosophy." - Isa Helfield, Montreal, Que

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