How to make a complaint

How to make a complaint

Do you want to make a complaint? Talk to a human rights officer. Then you can decide what to do.

Here are the main steps to make a complaint

  1. Fill out a complaint form. You are the complainant. An officer, friend or family member can help you fill out the form.

  2. The respondent is the person who you think discriminated against you. This person gets a copy of your complaint.

  3. The respondent will write an answer (response) to your complaint. You will get a copy.

  4. The human rights officer will work with you and the respondent to solve the problem. The Commission does not take your side or the respondent’s side

What might happen?

What might happen if there was discrimination? Here are a few examples. The respondent might have to:

  • apologize to you
  • change a workplace rule
  • learn more about human rights
  • pay you lost wages