Mental disability

13 protected grounds of discrimination

8. Mental disability

People cannot discriminate against you because of your mental disabilities.

There are many kinds of mental disabilities. For example:

Carl has depression. It is a mental illness. Sometimes it is hard for him to go to work because he is depressed.

Carl often feels very sad and tired. He isn’t sleeping well. He feels that his life is hopeless.


Tara’s story

I’m a student. I have dyslexia. It is a learning disability. My teacher knows about my disability.

In my classes, I can’t listen and take notes at the same time. So I use a tape recorder. I also can’t write fast on exams.

One day, we had a substitute teacher because our regular teacher was sick. I asked the new teacher for extra time. She said, “No, everyone gets the same time for the test.”

I think I was discriminated against because of my disability.


Both physical and mental disabilities

Some people have both physical and mental disabilities. For example:

Nadia had a stroke. It damaged her brain. She has a physical disability now. She has trouble walking.

Nadia also has a mental disability. She often can’t understand what people are saying.

Mike was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. His mother drank alcohol when she was pregnant. The alcohol damaged his brain and his heart.

Mike needs help to do some things. For example: to manage his money.

Mike takes medicine for his heart problem.