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Sight Words


  • Create a learner centered sight word list containing words that reflects their everyday life 
  • Use 100 Most Common Word, Dolch Sight Word and Fry High Frequency Lists


A sight word is a printed word that a learner immediately recognizes. When a word becomes 'automatic' the learner does not need to decode the word each time they see it and can move through text more efficiently. 

See It In Action


Selecting from one of the lists above, make custom Bingo cards that use sight words (there are many free bingo templates online). 

Pick 24 words. The same words go on all boards but in different places on each board. Each player or a team of players get a bingo board. Write the words on index cards. Turn the cards over and mix them up. 

Players take turns picking cards. The player that picks the card will practice reading the word out loud while everyone locates the written word on their bingo board. When they find a word, they cover it. The first person to cover five words in a row wins. 

Other ways to incorporate sight word instruction into a lesson plan:

  • Have the learner begin a dictionary of personal sight words. Add and remove words as the learner progresses.
  • Go for a print walk and capture sight words the learner knows and ones they'd like to work on.
  • Make flash cards with sight words on the front and pictures on the back.
  • Create a crossword puzzle using sight words. Here is an example from English Express that uses visual cues: https://calp.ca/_uploads/5c2a58c92bfb3.pdf