Using the Internet


Here are some words. They will help you learn and talk about using the Internet.


  • A program is a tool on your computer. There are many different kinds of programs. You can use them to write letters, draw pictures and much more.
  • Programs are also called applications or software.

Web browser

  • A web browser is a computer program. You need a web browser to use the Internet. Use a web browser to go to websites and to look at web pages.
  • There are different web browsers. For example: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. What web browser are you using?


  • The toolbar is the top part of your web browser.
  • The toolbar has many parts. Use these parts to do different things. For example, use the arrows to go backward and forward on the Internet.

Web address

  • Every website has a web address. For example, is the web address for this website.
  • You type web addresses into the toolbar.


  • Links are on web pages. They can be pictures or words.
  • You can click on links.
  • A link might take you to a different page on the same website. Or it might take you to a new website.
  • A link can also make things happen. For example, it might play sounds and music.