What is harassment?

What is harassment?

Harassment can be words or actions. For example: jokes, insults or touching.

Harassment upsets people. It might make them angry, afraid or embarrassed.


What to do

  • The Commission may be able to help you if you are harassed. The Act only covers harassment that relates to the 13 grounds of discrimination. For example: gender.
  • Is someone harassing you? Call the police if you think you are in danger.

Anna’s story

My boss is too friendly. He often touches me. I don’t want him to touch me.


My boss also asks me to have drinks with him in a bar. I always say no. He doesn’t ask other employees to go to the bar.

My boss is sexually harassing me. I am very upset.

Many types of harassment

Anna thinks that her boss is sexually harassing her. There are many other types of harassment. For example:

  • Maria was harassed because of her ancestry. Read about Maria under “Ancestry” in “13 protected grounds of discrimination.”
  • Evelyn was harassed because of her religious beliefs. Read about Evelyn under “Religious beliefs” in “13 protected grounds of discrimination.”
  • Raj was harassed because of his race and religion. Read about Raj under “Raj’s story” in “Areas and grounds go together.”