What is the Internet?


Here are some words. They will help you learn and talk about using the Internet.


  • There are millions of computers all over the world. Many of these computers are connected by the Internet. The Internet lets these computers share information.
  • The Internet lets us share information with you. For example: articles, stories, games and recipes.
  • The Internet is like a huge library.


  • The Internet has many websites. Websites are in many languages. They are about many different things.
  • Websites are like books in a library.

Web page

  • A website has web pages. Sometimes a website has one web page. Sometimes a website has hundreds of web pages.
  • A web page is like a page in a book.


  • A homepage is the first page of a website. A homepage often tells you what the website is about.
  • A homepage is like the cover of a book.