Questions and answers

Questions and answers

The Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission can give free help to all Albertans.

Q: I want to talk to a human rights officer about a problem at work. Will the officer tell my boss?
A: If you just want information, your story is confidential. The officer will not talk to anyone about your story.
If you make a complaint, the officer will talk to your boss. The officer will need information from your boss.

Can my boss fire me because I make a complaint?
A: Your boss should not fire you because you make a complaint. If your boss fires you, you can complain to the Commission.


Q: I think a landlord discriminated against me. How much time do I have to make a complaint?

A: You have 1 year from the date that she discriminated against you.

Tip: Write down what happened so you don’t forget. You can ask a friend or a family member to help you.


Can someone help me fill out the complaint form?
A: A human rights officer can help you fill out the form. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you.