Areas and Grounds: Sybil’s Story

Areas and grounds go together

Sybil’s Story

Sybil was discriminated against in the area of tenancy. The ground is source of income.


  1. I am a single parent. My sons are 3 and 5 years old.

    I am unemployed. I get income support (welfare) from the government. The money will help me until I get a new job.

  2. Recently, my landlord told me, “I don’t want people on welfare here. Find a job or get out.”

    I was upset. I always pay my rent on time. I am a good tenant.

  3. Then my landlord gave me a letter. It says I have to move out of my apartment in 3 months.


  4. My sister told me to call the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission.


  5. I called the Commission. I talked to a human rights officer.


  6. I learned about my rights.


  7. Later, I talked to my landlord. He still says that I have to leave. I’m going to make a complaint.


You will read about complaints under “How to make a complaint.”