Workers’ needs

Workers’ needs

Workers have different needs. For example, a worker with a disability might have different needs than other workers.

Employers must try hard to accommodate their workers’ needs. The Act only covers needs that relate to the 13 protected grounds. For example:

  • “I use a wheelchair. I need a wheelchair ramp at work.”
  • “I wear a hijab. I can’t take it off at work. I need to wear it with my work uniform.”

  • “I am pregnant. I need to sit down at work.”

  • “I am Jewish. I want to take a day off for an important religious holiday.”

Josh’s story

I fell off my bike 2 years ago. I got a brain injury. Before my accident, I was a cashier in a grocery store.


After my accident, I couldn’t be a cashier. I got very tired. I couldn’t work fast enough.

My boss said, “I’ll find you another job in the store.”

Now I stock shelves. I can take a short break when I am tired. My boss accommodated my needs.